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Japanese pork loin cutlet set
​Shizuoka brand “Fuji no Kuni Pork” is seasoned with hoji tea salt and fried to make it a fried dish.
​Enjoy the change of taste by adding Hojicha and coarse salt.
Stone bowl Hamburg steak with rice
First you can hear the voice and smell the Stone bowl bake the rice. Second mix up the egg with the sauce and pour the fondue cheese into the meal. And at last eat with the Hamburg steak.
Special Hojicha pudding
It melt in your mouth as soon as you close your mouth and the aroma of Hojicha will also go into you. The topic is Hojicha ice cream and a chestnut, it looks like a little bit scorched but it won’t be tasted. When you see it, I believe you will be surprised by it.
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