Business hours
[1st floor] 9: 30-17: 15 ※ Varies depending on the season


A souvenir shop directly managed by “Hotoriya”. It has the atmosphere of a post town in the Edo period, and has many souvenirs unique to Hakone.
We also sell soft-serve ice cream and coffee in the store.
​Recommended products
​540yen(Tax included)
Enjoy the well-established Karinto that has been carefully made one by one using the skillful techniques handed down by craftsmen and carefully selected materials for hundreds of years.
430yen(Tax inluded)
Travelers who took turns attending, and made the image of a tree called “Hakone Keyaki” that has been watching over the changes of the times, making it a pleasant biscuit.
​We have prepared a menu that uses plenty of seasonal fruits such as fresh juice and cut fruits that can only be found at a fruit and vegetable store.
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